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List of User Agent Strings.

A user agent UA is a software element that acts on behalf of a user. However, the term user agent has also come to be associated with a header string in HTTP and related technologies that help a hosting server identify the type of operating system and/or device requesting content. With the recent explosion of smartphones, many developers now check the device type and direct the user to a site optimized for mobile or use a mobile optimized style sheet. Some web sites check the browser version in the user agent to ensure the user has a current browser and directs them to various vendors’ web sites to download a newer.

DB browsers, email clients. Udger database includes detailed information about every single user agent and operating system. 查看当前使用浏览器的UserAgent信息,支持UA检测操作系统平台和浏览器版本等信息。. This small little add-on allows you to quickly customize the User-Agent string sent by IE8 without restarting. After installing, click "Set User-Agent String" on the classic Tools menu to launch the add-on. If you do not check the "Reuse this UA" box, the user-agent will revert to the default UA.

UserAgent是指浏览器,它的信息包括硬件平台、系统软件、应用软件和用户个人偏好,通过UA可以分析出浏览器名称、浏览器版本号、渲染引擎、操作系统。使用方法直接打开查看即可,也可以把其它浏览器的UA复制过来进行分析。. The userAgent property returns the value of the user-agent header sent by the browser to the server. The value returned, contains information about the name, version and platform of the browser. Note: This property is read-only.

user-agents is hosted on PyPI and can be installed as such: pip install pyyaml ua-parser user-agents Alternatively, you can also get the latest source code from Github and install it manually. Understand what information is contained in a user agent string. Get an analysis of your or any other user agent string. Find lists of user agent strings from. If you ever wanted to make your web traffic seem like it was coming from a different browser–say, to trick a site that claims it’s incompatible with yours–you can. All popular browsers offer built-in user agent switchers, so you can change your user agent without installing any extensions. User-Agent list for different device types. There are millions of User-Agent combinations given that UAs change with the software and hardware. For example, a Chrome browser on an iPhone 6 will introduce itself using a different UA than a Safari browser on the same phone. Mozilla/5.0 compatible; bingbot/2.0; /bingbot.htm My IP Address: Copyright © What's my User Agent 2015.

user-agents · PyPI.

Bayden Systems - UAPick.

List of User Agents. User Agent strings come in all shapes and sizes, and the number of unique user agents is growing all the time. We've collected millions of user agents and have categorised them here for you, based on some of the things we can detect about them - Operating System, Browser, Hardware Type, Browser Type, and so on.

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